The B&B series has four strands, which are designed to cover many aspects of education. All offer teachable moments for parents and teachers, and the image and illustrations give readers plenty to talk about. All books have built in repetition to encourage word recognition, rhythm, and patterns and can be read aloud by parents to children or children to themselves.


Introduce geography, history, climatology, meteorology, cartography, time, sailing, navigation, how a ship works, knots, astronomy, maths; working in a large group, co-operation, teamwork .

Find out more about Captain Bloodhook and the Scurvy Crew of the Black Rose

An Introduction to geology, paleontology, fossils, evolution, biology, botany: being in a group, sharing, peer pressure, friendship, competitiveness, diversity, appreciating differences, supportive behaviour, empathy

Find out more about the Dino Gang Emily Brontosaurus, Little Rex, Dave the Diplodocus, Trixie and Tallulah Triceratops and Sheldon the Stegasaur

The lives of Princesses bring an understanding of sociology, history, literature, mythology, gender studies, positive female role modelling, peer pressure, friendship, group behaviour, competitiveness, supportive behaviour, empathy and career choices.

Find out more about Madame Sparkledust’s Academy, Princess Iris, Princess Jasmine, Princess Frangipani and Princess Rosa

The sciences brought to life through an alien perspective that introduces physics, chemistry, astronomy, cosmology, space travel, imagination (what if), discovery; sociology, appreciating differences, group behaviour in different cultures, language, scale, for example.

Find out more about the Znogg  family unit who live on planet Throx II but are fascinated with all things Earthly and how things work in a different galaxy.




Beatrice and Benedict Publishers

Beatrice and Benedict

Beatrice & Benedict is the children’s imprint of Diota Publishing. The aims and approach for the imprint is influenced by the French concept of parascolaire publishing where extracurricular learning is made more accessible and entertaining,  when everyday concepts and knowledge are introduced in a more engaging and fun way.

Beatrice and Benedict introduce stories with factual information stitched into the narrative, designed to support the exploration of age-appropriate areas of curricular subjects - maths, the sciences, literature, history, geography, art as well as helping to develop social skills, the benefits of co-operation in the family and with those we meet throughout life.

B&B titles are story books that will first appear as digital editions and then in a traditional paper form. Our books and both illustrated and non-illustrated, for age ranges – 3  to  5, and 5  to  8 year olds.

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