Nicholas Bevan is a principal at diota. He is an industry professional in co-edition publishing, digital content and publishing, marketing, graphics, design, publishing developments, project management, content management.

Diota is a visual media business publishing and developing international products for the digital/electronic marketplace and the tradional papaer products.

The products we originate are designed to take a lead in new markets or market segments.

We use our knowledge and experience to create formats and solutions for content. The team directs concepts from first inspiration to final delivery and every stage in between, including financial planning and scheduling.

Diota is based in London and covers global and local markets. We have a creative infrastructure of editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and film makers.

The Diota team are industry professionals producing and packaging illustrated, integrated co-edition reference books, publishing travel guides and developing children's stories from fact and fiction.  

We innovate and design using all forms of media: words, photography, illustration, video, graphic design, and format development. We aim to integrate all forms of information into an inspiring solution.

We work for a global market place. We've directed a lot of virtual management and are happy to work across borders and cultures.

We develop formats for traditional paper publishing. Commission all our design and graphics. We have teams to design and develop concepts. We produce short videos for selected products – generate photography for either digital or paper products.

We have an extensive photo resource for travel. Writers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, editors and editorial back up are available.

We have the resources to create digital content in any form for books, websites, apps and publications.

About Diota